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The Healing C-Section | Welcome Zoey | South Florida Birth Photographer

Updated: May 21, 2020

There's a mean stigma around C-Sections | Belly Births. NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO BIRTH VAGINALLY, and that's okay.

To say I wasn't a contribution before becoming so educated and experienced in this field would be a farce. I knew of and heard stories in passing of Belly Births that saved the lives of the birthing person and their baby after unforeseen complications. However, I had only been present for the times women were coerced into non-emergent C-Sections they didn't want after being told their body "failed" after inductions, and "couldn't do it" when wanting VBAC's and Vaginal Breech birth as well as emergencies caused by non-consenting interventions. No wonder the US has such a deplorable maternal mortality rate, who would WANT this over a vaginal birth? How could a procedure SO SERIOUS be given out like candy? It placed such a bitter taste in my mouth about this kind of delivery as it does many. Of course where there is truth to this, such an ignorant mentality left me NO grey area around the subject. Just a few years ago I'd think you either were ill informed or you were rolled back against your will. *Insert eye roll at myself*

When we experience trauma, it's keep it tucked under, and hidden away. It's not until you start talking about your trauma you just so happen to find others who have had experienced it also.

1 in 3 | roughly 33%

That statistic reveals the amount of women who leave the hospital with birth trauma. 1 in 10 leave with post-traumatic stress disorder⁣⁣⁣⁣.

Kacie found herself 1 in 3 and 1 in 10 after the birth of her son, Gunner. Due to PCOS, getting pregnant for Kacie and Joe has required an unimaginable amount of dedication. After several loses and being diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at 36 weeks, and induction soon followed. After 38 hours of active labor and 15 minutes of pushing Gunners was stuck. A shoulder dystocia that left Kacie with a broken pubic bone, tail bone, Gunner with a broken collarbone [ which went unnoticed due to the fact that he was using his arm normally following delivery until it formed a hemangioma], pain for Kacie still after years of recovery, and a 5 inch scar that will grow with Gunner across his chest. This labor triggered a lot of past trauma that Kacie had from events occurring during her prior time in service, and this alone made postpartum VERY difficult and anxiety filled, leaving her unable to leave the house for two years. Unfortunately, again, a series of losses occurred in the pregnancies following Gunner.

Until finally, Zoey was on her way. There was quite a bit of back and forth on Kacie's birth plan given her history. She was already being conditioned into thinking her baby was "too big" and considering Gunners birth, this weighed heavily on her. How could she chance having the same experience? Leaving the hospital again crippled with anxiety and trauma? After quite a bit of back and forth, she ultimately decided a Belly Birth was the best option for her. The day to meet Zoey quickly approached!

Everyone was comfortable. IV was placed, vitals were taken, the OR was being prepped and Zoey was looking GREAT on the monitors. Her heart was beating strong as she enjoyed the last hour within her mama. Kacie's doctor came in for the final examination. She had presented the idea of inducing right then and there and proceeding with a vaginal birth, but nothing could sway Kacie. She was informed, and confident in her decision. It was time to suit up and get prepped to meet the newest addition to the Powell family!

While I was denied OR access, the wait began for Joe to get called back. What should have been only a 15 minute wait turned into an almost 40 minute wait. We began to get a little anxious, was everything okay? Did something happen outside of the routine protocol they follow? Nope, turns out they forgot about him after they started the procedure... Luckily a nurse hurried in the room with enough time to walk Joe back through the double doors where his wife lay bravely, awaiting his presence just moments before their daughter was born.

When he reemerged, an adorable, healthy 7.8lb baby girl was being rolled in front of him. They enjoyed skin to skin, and while the surgeons carefully closed Kacie up. Zoey was NOT thrilled about Joes inability to give her the boob juice. Kacie returned gleaming, alert and in the best of spirits. Zoey was placed right in her arms and latched like a CHAMP. They enjoyed snuggles as a family, with no trauma. No broken bones, no regret, pure BLISS.

I was even fortunate enough to be there later that day when Gunner got to meet his new baby sister! He was thrilled to open his gifts from her and he had the big brother thing DOWN. He may even be a photographer in the future 😉 Congratulations to these 3, and the Belly Birth that brought healing to Kacie's birth experience.

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