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Welcome Cayden | South Florida Birth Photographer

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

I often get clients who are on the fence when looking to hire a birth photographer. Sam and her husband, Riley had been considering it, being that they are hundreds of miles away from family, but weren't quite sold. We spoke briefly about it after Sams milk bath and I hoped that she would lean towards having me there to document their story. I was ELATED when she called me to let me know that after speaking with her doctor (who herself had a birth photographer) they wanted to go for it! Her induction was scheduled for the following week due to health concerns but baby Cayden was doing things when HE wanted, and Sam was able to go into labor naturally.

Typically, for non-inductions, I have my parents contact me when active labor starts. This of course looks different for every birthing person. They notified me that Sam had her epidural placed and I was to head over at the next dilation. It was to my surprise when Riley texted that Sam was "complete", not long at all after! I rushed over to the hospital (Thank you for zero traffic on the 375) where I met Riley just outside the elevator.

Sam was in amazing spirits! They had just turned off her epidural and were waiting on the nurse to come in for "Practice Pushing". 1.5 hours and one hell of a marathon later, Cayden came out roaring! I am so proud of this mama and the work she did to bring her baby earth-side! As well as her amazing partner so cheering her on the entire time. That man was pumped 👏














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